Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Step Back In Time... Why I'm Called Mr. BMW!

The last time we spoke, I broke the 1000+ mile marker in my 'Cool Car'.  Since that time, I took a week off for a golf trip to Myrtle Beach South Carolina and I returned home to attend a first in NJ, 'BMW ActiveE' meet.

<---'Alejandro' quietly parked in the driveway awaiting a spirited run around town after a week of garage hibernation.

I cannot help but to share with you, all the compliments I get when people see the car.  I am so glad I kept the detailing.  The detailing alone is the key attractor for the curious eyes and soon after the questions come - with smiles gleaming, I am more than willing to share.  I think this is a good lead in, to my deep history and experience with the full line of BMWs.  I also think this will give you a sense for why I was determined to own and drive the BMW ActiveE!

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, well known to the world as BMW.  I am a proud owner since 1999.  I am a spirited driver.  A auto-x'er.  A performance driver, (6 times at Spartanburg, 
South Carolina).  A ///M School driver (2-times at Spartanburg, South Carolina).  A driver on US roads - The Deals Gap, also known as The Tail of The Dragon, the Cherohala Skyway, the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Pacific Coast Highway, also known as the (PCH) and many other fantastic roads here in the US.  So with all that being said, the BMWs I have owned are as follows: The E39 540i, E92 M3, E66 750Li, E64 645Cic and 650Cic, E60 M5, F07 GT550i, E71 X6 M and now the E82 135Ci!!  Finally, I've driven on the racetrack, the Z3, Z4, 335i, X5, 760Li, 330Ci,  545i and the 135i.

Whew!  I can simply say, "It's been a ultimate ride..."  I've spent many hours and 100's of thousands of miles discerning the characteristics and qualities of each Ultimate Driving Machine...So, let me guess what your next question might be.  Well Mr. BMW, how does the BMW ActiveE compare to the other BMWs you've owned and driven? 

My Answer.  

                                    It accelerates like a 3 Series.
                                    It steers like a 6 Series.
                                    It is smooth riding like a 7 Series.
                                    It has the stopping power like a Z4.
                                    It takes the corners like a 5 Series  
                                    Its leather stitching is akin to INDIVIDUAL

I can affirm the BMW ActiveE holds true to traditions and wears the ROUNDEL rightfully with pride.  It  will provide a very unique experience for any long time owner of the 'Ultimate Driving Machine!'  New drivers looking for high efficiency and the 'BMW' experience will be treated everyday with something they've not experienced in other cars... Just go along for the ride.

Till the next time we chat, "Enjoy the ride!" 

"Thanks for reading..."