Monday, April 15, 2013

When Driving Electric Makes The Most Sense.


Seriously, I have found driving electric increasingly usable in everyday automotive travel.

No worries... Fast charging stations are being installed throughout the country and your car will tell you where! How cool is that.

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Till the next time we meet, Enjoy The Drive!!

P.S. I added an image of Alejandro recharging after my 89+ mile drive... (18¢ per KwH) - You can see, I still had electric fuel to drive a bit more. :)


  1. Gerald,

    Ditto. Doing approx 30k in a little over a year, I would say that I drive my car every day!

    18 cents per kwh! You, my friend, need to get solar! And that's just to save money.

    Since you're Mr. BMW... What are your thoughts on the i3? The aesthetics is what I can't get my better half to sign off on, so we're going Model S after our Active E goes back to BMW.

    Enjoy the rEVolution!

  2. Hi Dennis,

    I used the higher-end of the kWh. I'm usually around .11 cents but keep in mind good old PSEG fluctuates the rates here in NJ as you can imagine.

    Yes, I agree with you 100% on the solar. I do hope to get that going this year.

    Ah yes, the question on the i3. The current question on the table is its aesthetics... Mr. BMW says, "Current concepts and spy shots show an interesting form and shape of the coming i3 and although it presently doesn't show itself as a four-door sedan, I can promise this unique shape when it hits the market, will have set the framework for all EVs to come." In short, I do like what I see in the concept.

    In closing, driving electric no matter what model and manufacture you choose is win-win-win and of course I'd like to see it translate to a BMW i3 or i8 (wink).

    Stay in touch my good friend and as always...

    Till the next time we meet, Enjoy The Drive!!