Monday, April 15, 2013

When Driving Electric Makes The Most Sense.


Seriously, I have found driving electric increasingly usable in everyday automotive travel.

No worries... Fast charging stations are being installed throughout the country and your car will tell you where! How cool is that.

Check our Our EV Story @

Till the next time we meet, Enjoy The Drive!!

P.S. I added an image of Alejandro recharging after my 89+ mile drive... (18¢ per KwH) - You can see, I still had electric fuel to drive a bit more. :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Traveling 88 Miles Oneway (Whew... No Problemo!)

It's been 7 months to the day since my last blog post.

I have attended several EV events, showcased Alejandro in my local area, attended recently Bimmerfest 2012, Alejandro in a fender bender, spent 2 months at the dealer, made a trip to NYC for the BMW i event, yada, yada, yada... I've been a very, very busy bee.

I've driven about 7000 miles on the ActiveE.  I no longer use Eco Pro.  I rarely drive above 70mph. I've become Mr. Efficient! (LOL)

Now to my topic, "Traveling 88 Miles Oneway."
I've been planning this 88 mile drive for sometime.  SHOWTIME on the NJTPK and the GSP - That would mean traveling from Burlington County to Bergen County.

I got my chance to try it when the sun rays hit the earth at around 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  I want to report that my travels were a success.  I had 24 miles left to the charge. Here's how I did it:

                            1. Fully charge
                            2. No AC (I started at 6AM)
                            3. Speed limit 65mph
                            4. AC on no lower than 70 degrees Fahrenheit (My departure 5:30PM)  
                            5. Cruise Control @ 63mph - No faster than 65mph
                            6. Drove behind trucks or buses if and when possible

After reading this, you might say to yourself, "That's extreme." I would submit to you that it's not.

Funny thing, when I drive at the speed limit - 65mph, there are an 9 out of 10 cars passing me by easily doing 75mph - 80 somethin'.  I am not worried anymore, I still get to my destination on time.

Till the next time we chat, "Enjoy the ride!"

"Thanks for reading..." 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Vrooom, The BMW ActiveE is Fast!

Today's blog chronicle is all about speed...  Check out the video below:
Disclaimer: High rate of speed occurred on a nonPublic Road.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Step Back In Time... Why I'm Called Mr. BMW!

The last time we spoke, I broke the 1000+ mile marker in my 'Cool Car'.  Since that time, I took a week off for a golf trip to Myrtle Beach South Carolina and I returned home to attend a first in NJ, 'BMW ActiveE' meet.

<---'Alejandro' quietly parked in the driveway awaiting a spirited run around town after a week of garage hibernation.

I cannot help but to share with you, all the compliments I get when people see the car.  I am so glad I kept the detailing.  The detailing alone is the key attractor for the curious eyes and soon after the questions come - with smiles gleaming, I am more than willing to share.  I think this is a good lead in, to my deep history and experience with the full line of BMWs.  I also think this will give you a sense for why I was determined to own and drive the BMW ActiveE!

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, well known to the world as BMW.  I am a proud owner since 1999.  I am a spirited driver.  A auto-x'er.  A performance driver, (6 times at Spartanburg, 
South Carolina).  A ///M School driver (2-times at Spartanburg, South Carolina).  A driver on US roads - The Deals Gap, also known as The Tail of The Dragon, the Cherohala Skyway, the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Pacific Coast Highway, also known as the (PCH) and many other fantastic roads here in the US.  So with all that being said, the BMWs I have owned are as follows: The E39 540i, E92 M3, E66 750Li, E64 645Cic and 650Cic, E60 M5, F07 GT550i, E71 X6 M and now the E82 135Ci!!  Finally, I've driven on the racetrack, the Z3, Z4, 335i, X5, 760Li, 330Ci,  545i and the 135i.

Whew!  I can simply say, "It's been a ultimate ride..."  I've spent many hours and 100's of thousands of miles discerning the characteristics and qualities of each Ultimate Driving Machine...So, let me guess what your next question might be.  Well Mr. BMW, how does the BMW ActiveE compare to the other BMWs you've owned and driven? 

My Answer.  

                                    It accelerates like a 3 Series.
                                    It steers like a 6 Series.
                                    It is smooth riding like a 7 Series.
                                    It has the stopping power like a Z4.
                                    It takes the corners like a 5 Series  
                                    Its leather stitching is akin to INDIVIDUAL

I can affirm the BMW ActiveE holds true to traditions and wears the ROUNDEL rightfully with pride.  It  will provide a very unique experience for any long time owner of the 'Ultimate Driving Machine!'  New drivers looking for high efficiency and the 'BMW' experience will be treated everyday with something they've not experienced in other cars... Just go along for the ride.

Till the next time we chat, "Enjoy the ride!" 

"Thanks for reading..."

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

+ 1000 Miles Later, "Good Evening Alejandro."


Hmmm, where do I start...  

Let me start by saying, this driving experience is one for the record. With well over 20 years driving, some flying and boating, I can say there is nothing like driving an 'Electric' car.  Wait a minute, "A Pure Electric Car!" (Laughing with a sinister smirk)

In today's chronicle, I'd like to share a few things I've picked up over the last three weeks.
-I have been able to achieve 110 miles to the full charge. (mixture of highway and city)
-Driving 70MPH or less conserves energy use.
-Driving in windy conditions will use more energy.
-Driving on cold days (50 degrees or below) will use more energy.
-Cruise control does fairly well with energy conservation.
-Regenerative braking is so cool.  It really doesn't matter to me if it works or NOT!  Say it with me, "Regenerative Braking!"  LOL
-Even in an Electric Car, BMW remains a 'Chick' magnet... (Hehe)
--->And I heard from all ages, that car is soo cool!
-Reminder to men and women who are 6' or greater.  This is a short base model and so will the i3.  
--->I have to retract your arm to use the iDrive controller.
--->Same applies when reaching for the door handle to unlock the door.

Some good learnings indeed...  Hey!  Have you ever wondered, what would it be like inside the ActiveE while you pull off and begin your electric mobility?  Well, ask no more.  Here's a sample.  Tell me what you think. 

                   Pleased to have reached the 1000+ mile club.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Alejandro, Our Newest Family Member...

Welcome back to another conversation about Alejandro - Our BMW ActiveE!

Mann... There is nothing like the feeling you get when something is 'New'. You can smile if any of these sound vaguely familiar.

                         -You check on your new thing.
                         -You clean your new thing.
                         -You appreciate all that surrounds this moment.

It's equally satisfying when the entire family share in the euphoria of the new thing. Yeah, I know Alejandro is another car in our collection but unlike days gone by, my ladies, (The 'Our' I refer to) - includes my wife, and two children are enthralled about Alejandro. "Hey Ladies!"

Enter Alejandro... I inspect the interior.  I take a deep inhale - using my senses of smell to sample the authenticity of our BMW ActiveE 1-Series; I know what a BMW should smell like.  I check the center console for favorable gadgetry.  I wrap my hands around the steering wheel.  Ahh Yes!  I know this feeling, this is no mock up.  The big question that remains to be answered is, will my ladies embrace Alejandro on our journey towards the future of automotive mobility? I am happy to say with an emphatic and a resounding 'YES!'  The ladies are impressed and satisfied so far.  Good start Alejandro!

In closing, there are a few things I've observed since driving our BMW ActiveE 1-Series I'd like to share.

  • It is amazing quiet at low speeds.
  • It is surprisingly smooth.
  • It is Go-Cart 'FAST!'
  • With smooth right pedaling - Regen is a snap! 
  • ECO Mode (Need I say more)?
  • It feels like an electric scooter (My daughters tell me).
Until the next time we meet, enjoy the ride, I promise to enjoy mine!

Gerald Belton


Tuesday, March 13, 2012


  Hello, my name is Alejandro. I am the New BMW 2011 ActiveE (135Ci).

Have you seen me on the road? 
Are you wondering what kind BMW is that?
Could this be an electric car and from BMW?
What's up with those designs on the car?

Of course 'YOU' know the answer to these questions.  Fact is, your friends may not and the passer by surely is befuddled by the looks  of your pristine 'Bimmer' and even more surprised that BMW has an electric car.  Some may also question themselves and say, "Why don't I have one of these 'Electric Cars?" (Smile) Some of us are really lucky to have one.

If you are reading this, you might be a current ActiveE Owner, an automotive connoisseur or perhaps someone who is interested in the future of mobility.  Whatever you call yourself, you are welcome to read and comment on my BMW ActiveE Blog.

In summary to my first post here.  I am Introducing Alejandro - 'The New BMW ActiveE' to my family, friends and readers.  Over the next 24 months, I will chronicle my experiences with the ActiveE.  I encourage my readers to participate with me and ask, comment on my posts; thank you.

Until the next time we meet, enjoy the ride, I promise to enjoy mine!

Gerald Belton