Thursday, March 15, 2012

Alejandro, Our Newest Family Member...

Welcome back to another conversation about Alejandro - Our BMW ActiveE!

Mann... There is nothing like the feeling you get when something is 'New'. You can smile if any of these sound vaguely familiar.

                         -You check on your new thing.
                         -You clean your new thing.
                         -You appreciate all that surrounds this moment.

It's equally satisfying when the entire family share in the euphoria of the new thing. Yeah, I know Alejandro is another car in our collection but unlike days gone by, my ladies, (The 'Our' I refer to) - includes my wife, and two children are enthralled about Alejandro. "Hey Ladies!"

Enter Alejandro... I inspect the interior.  I take a deep inhale - using my senses of smell to sample the authenticity of our BMW ActiveE 1-Series; I know what a BMW should smell like.  I check the center console for favorable gadgetry.  I wrap my hands around the steering wheel.  Ahh Yes!  I know this feeling, this is no mock up.  The big question that remains to be answered is, will my ladies embrace Alejandro on our journey towards the future of automotive mobility? I am happy to say with an emphatic and a resounding 'YES!'  The ladies are impressed and satisfied so far.  Good start Alejandro!

In closing, there are a few things I've observed since driving our BMW ActiveE 1-Series I'd like to share.

  • It is amazing quiet at low speeds.
  • It is surprisingly smooth.
  • It is Go-Cart 'FAST!'
  • With smooth right pedaling - Regen is a snap! 
  • ECO Mode (Need I say more)?
  • It feels like an electric scooter (My daughters tell me).
Until the next time we meet, enjoy the ride, I promise to enjoy mine!

Gerald Belton


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